HELP!! Day 9 temp fell to 70F


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Apr 29, 2013
Ok, so bad incubator is plugged into the outlet that is connected to my light switch. I fell asleep at at 10pm last night with a lamp on and asked my daughter to "turn the light off". She turned off the bator switch and this morning at 7am the bator was 70 degrees.

This is my very first time incubating. I did a search on BYC for a day 9 temp drop and couldn't find anything.

What are their chances?

Also, How can you see through olive eggs and dark brown when candling?

Thanks in adance,

they will be fine. just add a day to the expected hatch day and put a piece of tape over your switch, ive done that too. haha as for the dark eggs, they are alot harder to see and its early yet at day 9. i go into a dark closet with my trusty flashlight too look. i have a paper towel roll taped to the end of it so it concentrates the light better.
Yes, but I can't see anything in the olive eggs. I tried going in the closet and used the flashlight and a paper towel roll as suggested, but can't see a thing. I set 12 eggs. The light brown ones I see movement but can't see a thing in the green and dark brown ones. It's now day 14 and the ones I can see look like lima beans in there. Is that normal?
Yep, that's normal. If the others are moving, then the olive and dark brown eggs should be fine, too.

I recently had a power outage that we couldn't do anything about. I had a full incubator with 28 eggs, and it was chilly that morning. I tried to keep the incubator shut, and put things on and around it to help maintain the temperature, but it also dropped to about 70 degrees. The power was out for a good 9 hours, but the eggs are hatching as we speak. So far, 6 chicks have hatched and chirping away!
darker eggs are hard to see, glad their ok. funny my power went out this morn. but only for a min. mine are hatching also and that was the longest min. in a while.haha i know it adds time to the hatch just depends how long
OP, I had a hen abandon at Day 16 and the eggs went all day "cool". It's now Day 20 and one has already pipped. I think you should prepare for an on-time hatch, but expect a day late or so...maybe even a couple days.
Ok, so it's day 15 now and the eggs that I can see in still look like little lima beans are in them. The lima beans are pulsating and moving about, but aren't they supposed to be bigger by now?

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