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Our Ameraucana has abnormal growth on her legs.
We checked for bugs and found nothing.
No one else in our flock has any leg issues.
We really need some help identifying the issue and how to treat it.
Any help is much appreciated!

It looks like scaly leg mites. Those bumps look like cornification and hypertrophy that can result from it. You can treat it by soaking the chicken's legs in oil--castor oil, vaseline, cooking oil, coconut oil. I have heard good things about castor oil in that it doesn't need to be applied that often. Before the oil treatment you might want to soak her legs in warm soapy water and use an old toothbrush to scrub the legs a bit and soften them.
Thanks a bunch! We'll treat the entire flock tomorrow. I also did a bit of research, knowing what the issue is now, and saw that Ivermectin is also effective. So, I'll treat the girls with that too.
Their coop needs to be cleaned, cleaned cleaned. Take everything out. Remove all the old bedding and then close the coop up as tight as you can. Use 2 bug bombs and let sit for a minimum of 5 hours. Air out the coop and before adding new bedding dust every single crack and crevice with Sevin dust. Especially where the floor meets the walls and their roosts and nest boxes. If you don't do this the mites will stay alive and reproduce and just keep doing their dirty work.

You can use a mild solution of Ivermectin along with dish detergent in the water used to soak their legs. Scrub gently with an old toothbrush. Bleeding will occur is you scrub too hard. The goal is to soften up the crud (mite feces) and with repeated treatments the crud will flake off. Dollar store petroleum jelly is great. Cheap and works. Coat the legs to further soften the crud and smother the mites. Repeat every 3 days at least.

While you're at it dose the chickens with Ivermectin on their skin. Between their shoulder blades separate the feathers until you can see skin. Using a syringe without a needle apply 3 drops of Ivermectin to the skin. If it soaks into the feathers it will have no affect. Make sure you hit the skin. Do not repeat this every 3 days. Once is sufficient. The Ivermectin will also work on worms and biting lice.

Because the chickens are going through this ordeal give some high protein treats and plain yogurt to build them up.
Thanks a bunch! We always cover the coop in sevin when we change the shavings, as a preventative measure. We just changed the shavings 3 weeks ago and put in 2 containers of sevin. It's clear that this has been going on longer based on the growth on the pics I posted. When I say we cleaned the coop, I mean cleaned, with a shop vac, then sprinkled the sevin. :)
Will definitely do an ivermectin soak on their legs. Everyone also received 3 drops of ivermectin on their backs as described.
And, we coated everyone's legs with castor oil.
In regards to the Vaseline, I'm concerned if it will cause problems with their feathers.
Will the Vaseline treat one problem but cause another?

Thanks so much for everyone's help!!
The castor oil may be a better alternative. It is only applied when needed, but be sure to rub it in very well. It may not need to be reapplied very often.

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