HELP: Do I take them out yet?

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    Sorry for the dramatic headline, but I really need experienced opinions. Here's the deal. I hatch eggs in my classroom as part of a project on the importance of biodiversity. Two Icelandic eggs hatched Wednesday morning around 8:00 AM. Most of the others have hatched Wednesday night/ Thursday morning, then yesterday afternoon and lastnight. There are still a few eggs that have pipped. One with a fluffy wing hanging out and a couple of others with beaks peeping through little holes. There's ven one that has ben cracked throughout the egg, but still hasn't fully pushed out, and this has been since yesterday afternoon. They all are showing signs of breathing or movement of some kind. It really looks like they are stuck though.
    So, my question is, Do I take out the dried puffers that have hatched and risk loosing moisture. and would it help if I add more surface moisture after taking the chicks out to raise the humidity again?
    thank you in advance
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    They can go up to 72 hours with-out food or water, so you still have a bit of time to wait.

    I would wait and see if the others make it out. If they are not out when 72 hours approaches,
    go ahead and take the hatched babies out. If the humidity gets to low put a wet sponge in

    the incubator to raise it again.
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    It sounds like you have a problem with stuck chicks (One with a fluffy wing hanging out). I would take the hatched chicks out and put a warm wet cloth in the incubator to increase the humidity greatly. As for the one that has a dry wing sticking out and the one that "has been cracked throughout the egg, but still hasn't fully pushed out" (zipped?), I would take those 2 out of the incubator and help them. Surely they are stuck too badly to be able to get out on their own.

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