Help: Drake taken by fox last night, duck despondent. Want to add to my chicken flock.


5 Years
Dec 22, 2016
Rural Virginia
I was devasted just now to find only my drake's 2 legs and feet remaining in their pen. I believe it was a fox. (I had 2 Mallard ducks). I would like to place the female in with my chicken flock of 7 hens. There is plenty of space. Do I need to separate them for a week as when introducing a chicken or do ducks usually do well? She lived with the chickens a couple of years ago. I would prefer not to get another drake. Please advise. I need to move on this ASAP. IT will be 95 degrees here today. Thank you so much. That's the little guy I lost on the left. His mate is not the duck pictured.


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Definitely supervise since it’s 1 on 7. In my experience chickens are mean to other/new birds. If they accept her willingly then great! If not you will want to either pen her next to them or only have her in for short periods of time until the pecking order gets established. It may go well since they’ve been together in the past.

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