HELP! Duck eggs with black speckles, w

Young Duck Dad

Jun 16, 2017
Hello, I'm hatching my first ever batch of five eggs. I took them in from outside after the mother disappeared (a predator possibly got into the nest, there used to be 9 eggs in the nest, but 4 were destroyed. Plus, some of the eggs have small nicks on the shell). We believe they're mallard eggs. My eggs have been experiencing discoloration in the last few days, black smudges and speckles appearing on the shell. I'm currently on day 22. One of my eggs, with the wounds, has started oozing a dark brownish fluid; but only from the holes. What's happened? Should I take it out? Will the other eggs be able to hatch?

Here are some pictures.

This is the fluid that came off of the egg.

this is an example of the speckles. the other eggs are more or less severe than this.

oh also, this is the egg that was oozing. it used to have one large dark splotch around the hole, until after the liquid came out.

Please help!! I really want as many of these ducks to survive


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