HELP - Duck with Swollen Abdomen?!


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5 Years
Aug 17, 2014

I was wondering if any of you could help. I have a 2 year old Khaki Campbell Duck. Over the last 4 weeks her abdomen has been swellling up. She is still eating and drinking fine however she hasn't laid over the last 4 weeks, bar 2 very tiny eggs which didn't have a very thick shell.
She is gradually getting worse and is struggling to walk.

I have tried over 8 vets in my area, and no one is willing to help - due to either not being registered with them or knowing very little about ducks.

I was wondering if anyone knew what this could be, and how to overcome it? I have read about egg binding - however she doesn't seem to be showing all the symptoms for this.

Thank you.
look up previous threads about ducks being egg bound......
you should find some good info

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