HELP!! Duckling alive but not hatching.


5 Years
Apr 21, 2014
I am hatching mallard ducklings for a school project. The incubation started on the 25th of March, with the average hatch length being 26 days, I expected them to hatch yesterday, April 20th. All eggs (4) were candled the day I stopped turning, all ducklings were visibly moving. On the 19th, afternoon, three of the eggs had pip marks, nothing on the fourth egg. On the 20th all three ducklings that had pipped, hatched through an 18 hour span. Yet the fourth still had not pipped. When the three ducklings were dry I moved them to the brooder, and took the remaining egg out to candle it. He's still moving around in there, though the air pocket looks quite big. It's been two full days since the other eggs pipped, and im very worried for the last one. What im wondering is if should maybe assist the duckling by making a small pip in the egg. This is my first experience with hatching anything, and some input would be nice. Thanks!!

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