Help. Duckling can't walk


Jul 31, 2016
Hey guys.

we recently hatched some ducklings and for the past week have had 7 healthy, very rambunctious ducklings with no issues. They are just over a week now and we let them swim all the time for a few minutes. Today the rest got out of the baby pool by themselves and started to wonder but one continued to swim. I helped it out of the water and now it can't stand or walk. It tries to but ends up kind of crawling around. It breaks my heart. She was fine upon putting her in the water. I got some niacin as I see no physical injuries. Any ideas?
You've done the right thing with the niacin, as that typically fixes alot of leg issues in duckings. It's also possible that she hurt herself at some point in the pool (maybe a sprain or strain that you can't actually see). So hopefully with a little TLC (and niacin added to her food or water) will help. Just keep a close eye on her for a few days and let us know how she does. Lots of swim time and restricted area to move around in for now should help. :)

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