HELP! Duckling not doing very well


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May 8, 2017
Hi all,

I'm new to Backyard Chickens and new to raising ducks. My 3 week old Buff Duck isn't doing very well. I got her when she was three days old with 1 other buff and 2 khakis, all females from Metzer Farms. They were all great and healthy for the next 2 weeks then my buff started to act very lethargic (sitting down eyes half closed directly under the heat lamp) she also wasn't preening herself after her daily swims with her buddies like she usually does, now she just sits and walks around to get dried off. Yesterday, while I was out of town, my sister went to check on the ducks (they are in a rubber water trough in our tub with a heat lamp and shavings and obviously water and feed), she said the buff duck was pushed by her friend onto the ground and then she lay on her back for a while. My sister flipped her over and duck went into a stretched out position on her side feet and neck stretched out. My sister picked her up again and set her on her feet and then the duck waddled off to join the other duckies. I checked on her this morning and she seemed fine. I dropped (she jumped out of my hands!) this duck when she was three days old from 12 inches up and she landed on her back but seemed perfectly fine.

I'm very worried about her, please help.

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