Help! Duckling questions!


15 Years
Sep 8, 2007
San Rafael, California
Long story short, the mother of 6 ducklings was killed, apparently the father isn't around (they usually take care of the babies together, right? I dunno..) and Alyssa is on her way to pick up the ducklings, and would like to raise them.

What kind of area do they need? What do they eat, what do they need for water, ect. Tips would be greatly appreciated. I have heard they are a LOT of work and very messy.


10 Years
Mar 5, 2009
Humboldt County
Messy indeed. I'd start with a set-up like one would with chicks. A large pet carrier would be ideal. They need to be warm (heating pad on low under the carrier so it can't get wet or a heat lamp if it's safe), eat chick start, and have access to water (a chick waterer) and they shouldn't get wet for at least a week (could be wrong about that - they get wet when with a mommy, but she keeps them warm and they dry quickly). They would need to be supervised during any water play so they don't get cold.
The water will need to be changed several times/day. Alyssa will see what will work within a day or 2. Just think, "food, water, shelter/warmth", and that's about it.
Good luck!

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