HELP Duckling won't walk on one leg, swollen hock


Sep 30, 2020
Please help! I noticed about a week ago that one of our ducklings had a swollen hock and couldn't stand up straight or for very long because of it. Someone suggested Niacin so we've been adding that to their water and using a dropper to give her liquid Niacin every day. This morning she seems to be worse than ever. She won't put any weight on that leg and she is limping every where. Someone PLEASE tell me what to do for this sweet baby :-(


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Jul 19, 2016
Welcome to BackYard Chickens. So very sorry you're duck is having problems, hopefully, we can help. Could you answer a few questions?

Her hock does not look like it's in the right place, could you post a few more pictures, up-close? Is the hock joint warm? Does it bend properly? Did this happen over a few days, or suddenly overnight? What kind of niacin supplement are you giving her, and at what dose? What are they being fed? Could you post a video of her trying to walk? To post a video you'll need to upload it to a video platform like youtube or Vimeo and copy/paste the link here.

Just basing off from the picture, which is by no means reliable, I would be inclined to think she either severely injured her leg, or developed a slipped tendon. Before you come to a conclusion on any of those conditions, please provide us with more information.

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