Help during lockdown?


7 Years
Jul 13, 2012
Um hey, I have 4 eggs in lockdown in day 18. I candled them and they were all alive and moving with strong veining, but some looked different than others. One was just about totally blacked out, taking up practically every space in the egg available, while one had TONS of space left and I doubt the chick even took up half of the egg. The other two were in-between like they should be I guess. When I got them, I candled before I put them in my incubator and I realized they had already started developing and there was already a tiny embryo with small amounts of veining, so a few may be a little older than 18 days. I just put them in the hatcher, with a good temp of around 100 F (still air incubator) and a humidity at about 80%. During incubation, temp has been around 100 F with dry incubation and I didn't have a humidity monitor. Can anyone help me know what the chances of a hatch will be?

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