Help. Egg bound pigeon.


Mar 30, 2019
One of my pigeons is egg bound. She's got a vet appointment, but I vant get her there till Monday. She's eating and can fly around, but she just hasn't been acting like herself, has a limp, has trouble keeping her balance on my shoulder, and is much lighter than she should be. What can I do to help her?
I don't have espom salt, but I gave her a quarter of a Tums. I also gave her a warm bath for 25 minutes, I don't see an egg, and I'm not sure if I can feel one, but her symptoms lead me to believe that she's egg bound.
Sorry to hear about this. I haven’t dealt with egg binding myself but all I know on the subject coincides with the advice you’ve been given so far. Keep her warm and isolated in something like a pet carrier or bird cage to limit her movements because with the stumbling due to the egg binding she could fall and break the egg causing more complications
It turns out that she ate a staple that punctured her stomach, an air sack, and some kind of artery near her heart. The bacteria from her stomach got into her other wounds and caused a nasty infection which killed her within a matter if days.

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