*HELP*: Egg cracked twice...chick still moving inside

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Jun 4, 2011
Hello, I have an egg that is probably 14 days in. It may be more than that...we aren't sure when our broody hen started sitting on it. It got a crack in it the other day, so I took the advice from here and put melted wax over the crack to seal it up. That seemed to work just fine. I candled the egg later, and the embryo was moving around just fine. When I went out this morning to check on it, I noticed there was a new large crack next to the old one. The hen was off her nest getting a drink and I think another hen got up and probably stepped on it. I figured the chick inside was dead and it was over, but when I candled the egg, it is still moving around just fine.

My question is, do I put more wax over that crack as well or just leave it be? I was going to do the wax right away, but I can't tell how deep the crack is...whether or not it broke through the membrane. I don't think it did, but I don't want to do more damage with the wax.

If someone could please give me advice/suggestions on what I should do so this little chick has a chance to hatch and survive. It is probably less than a week til hatching, but like I said, we aren't for sure when she started to sit.

Thanks so much!!
I'd be afraid to use too much wax, because then the chick might not be able to get out of the egg when it's time to hatch.......But then, since it's under a broody, it might be doomed to crack further and die.......Such a difficult decision. I guess I'd use more wax.....Or do you have an incubator you can pop that egg into?
I know...I am very on the border about which to do. I think the wax would prevent more damage...but I do worry about the chick getting out. I do have an incubator but she is sitting on them almost 24/7 minus a minute or two she is up and I don't even know it. I have not had good luck with the incubator in the past...it is just a basic one...and so hard to regulate the temp. I worry if I move it it won't stay at the perfect temp. which is under her right now. Maybe I can find a way to isolate her from the others so they don't do any more damage to the egg?


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