HELP!!! egg eating and sudden mood change

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    Aug 10, 2013
    Three year old RIR has always laid daily and continues to lay daily. She is coupled with my other hen zorro (also 3yrs.) and they have always use the same nesting box and are very happy together. Today I found her pecking at and eating my other hens egg! She also started pecking at me when I go to get the egg and now if I come out back she starts chasing me. She has always been easy going we can pick her up walk about etc. I have had to resort to carrying around a stick so she doesn't bully or attack ME! Don't know what to do! It started out of the blue two days ago. She still lays and once she lays her egg could care less about it leaves it roams the yard etc. She isn't bothered by my family or attacking anyone else just me. Also like to add that after she pecked and broke the other hens egg she went in the nesting box and bawked for 10 minutes loudly but laid nothing as if she was mad and didn't want to share the nesting box anymore. Even though I find their eggs side by side daily. What is going on???
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    I'd try increasing her protein and also I'd put some fake eggs or golf balls in the nest. You can try filling an egg with mustard with a needle and syringe...this works for some people as they don't like mustard.

    As soon as she comes for you, grab her and hold her to the ground. Hold her there for several seconds, then let go. You need to show her that you are the top hen.

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