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May 21, 2009
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I ordered my first batch of eggs thru the mail. How long do I have to let them settle before setting them. Also I use a lg incubating the eggs on their side. I am assuming they are not shipped like that . Do I settle them on their sides?? Any help is appreciated thank you!!
Most people let the eggs rest for 6 to 8 hours or longer before setting them in the bator. This helps to bring the eggs to room temps and also helps the air sac to settle back to the top.

I have no problems laying them on their sides then on the wire.

Have a good hatch!
well, depending on the eggs, I usually let them sit overnight... at least 12 hours - pointy end DOWN.
I use an LG, but I incubate in egg cartons.
I have done a hatch without the cartons, but they weren't shipped eggs.
I'd still settle them pointy end down, regardless of how they'll sit in the incubator. Shipping can be hard on the aircell & it needs to be in the larger end of the egg.
The eggs will need to sit, pointy end down in an egg carton for 12-24 hours at room temp before putting them in the incubator. At that time, you may lay them on their sides. Mark them with an "x" on one side and an "o" on the other so that when you turn them, you'll know you've turned them all completely.
all this advice is good good luck
thank you all for the advice. I just hatched 9 of 10 red golden pheasants last week but they were from my trio here. This is my first attemp at thru the mail ( melanistic ringnecks).
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