HELP! EMERGENCY humidity issues and dead/dying chicks!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by purplesquirrel, Jan 27, 2015.

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    Dec 7, 2013
    Bristol, United Kingdom
    Turns out my humidity must have been out and the screen was lying.
    I over 2 days late, I have managed to hatch 4 chicks (out of the original 10) 3 were declared dead before internal pip - my conclusion, not being able to reach the right position and eventual drowning/suffocation.

    I still have 2 left in the incubator (included in the original 10)
    1 is chilling (I made a slightly larger hole after it externally pipped, through fear of suffocation)
    And number 2 is in a bad place...
    He/she is heading down the 'wrong position/eventual drowning' route. In panic of another case of suffocation,mans noticing the lack of movement and non external pip, i pierced the shell still the air sack and had a peek. It was round the wrong way.
    But now I'm stuck with the dilemma of knowing the reason for this is due to too much humidity, but now how to stop the membrane from vacuum packing him.
    Veins are getting smaller but still would bleed to death if I were to assist.
    The minute it reaches the point where's blood and yolk are absorbed, the minute he wants to take air, the minute he realises he's facing the wrong way and he dies.

    So I sit, going backwards and forwards, to day has come to a halt as I watch for signs that the heart beat is slowly and the veins look hair-strand thin for me to stretch away at the other end to make a breathing space....

    My moly other struggler, chick number 3 almost died in my hand when a bit of cord from the yolk got either pecked or stood on by another chick and blood came POURING OUT he was crying and crying and I picked up and literally had to HOLD THE CORD so he didn't bleed to death. But it's 10 degrees C in my house and he was crying from the cold, still wet from the egg, so in a panic, I stuck him in the only place I knew..
    My cleavage.
    He went quiet straight away and I laughed and said, 'figures'...
    I can't walk away and leave them in my incubator to fluff up as this manual one has no space and it's grubby from the others hatching...
    Eventually the bleeding stopped but I was so worried the other chicks would peck him, I stuck him down the side of my automatic incubator (I have 2 bators going) which has gaps down the side. He's thrashing around like mad.

    He must have lost half a tsp of blood, which is probably the equivalent of several pints to us. I can't believe he's not dead. But he's not happy by any means, being wedged down the side of the egg tray. But he's safe from being pecked and warm...

    I have a question, if the chicks chest if going up and down in the egg, does that mean he's breathing air? My chick number 2 in the egg facing the wrong way, his chest goes up and down, I by accidentally made a tear in the membrane (that bled and I thought I'd killed it) so I thought maybe he is breathing air with his lungs now?

    If anyone has any advice please help!
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    Oct 11, 2014
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    I had a little trouble following everything, but I'll nose in anyway. It sounds as though you have one that maybe shrink wrapped, but the veining is still prevelant so helping might cause a bleed out and another one that is malepositioned that you are worried about. Is this right?

    I'm going to start with the shrink wrapped. If you are trying to assist the hatch but the veins are still apparent you can chip just some of the shell away, wrap it in a damp paper towel and replace in to the bator and give it some more time to do what it needs, if it makes no progress then repeat. Eventually you should be able to finish aiding it or it should finish the job itself.

    Malepositioned: sounds like he is doing fine and is breathing. If he has pipped all the way through he should be getting air fine. Lots of malepositioned chicks get out with no help. A lot depends on how they are positioned in the shell. If he makes no progress personally I would widen the pip hole check on positioning as much asyou can and unless he is in a position that would hinder his ability to push himself out or is shrink wrapped, I would givehim more time to try on his own.

    Mind you, this is my personal opinion and what I am comfortable with. Many people do not believe in assisting and many are uncomfortable with trying, so do not do anything that is uncomfortable fo you.

    The hatcher you've stuck in the other bator. Is your brooder set up and warmed up? If so you can put him in the brooder, if there are other chicks in there I would suggest putting a small container box in the brooder half under the light and put him in that so that other chicks can't get at him but he can have a little room to move until that dries up and can be cut off.
  3. purplesquirrel

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    Dec 7, 2013
    Bristol, United Kingdom

    Thank you for reply.
    Yes my auto spell check ruined some things I wrote, and made it sound weird ha.
    My hatchling (who lost blood) came from my manual incubator, but I also have my automatic on with later eggs in, due in a week, so it's warm and everything.
    He fluffed up nicely, my little golden silkie, he lost so much blood, it was everywhere, I was pinching his cord almost in tears.
    He's back in with the others now, and he's feisty as hell and getting stuck in.
    Chick still in egg with air hole (I made) has just started to hatch, he tried to zip almost LONG WAYS so I had to help with tweezers. His still in the incubator slightly attached to shell, but he's out which is a relief.
    My FINAL problem chick is the worst one, wrong way round. I've pulled a lot of shell off now and I drip with sterilised warm water on the membrane just to keep the tiny veins that are left wet.
    Veins shrivelling up now, it will be crunch time in a few hours I think. His chest goes up and down but I don't really know where he's breathing from, I thought I had made a tear but it's congealed back together...
  4. purplesquirrel

    purplesquirrel Chirping

    Dec 7, 2013
    Bristol, United Kingdom
    So it's a lot worse than I thought...
    I started breaking the shell at the other end (bearing in mind chicks hatched days ago) and this is what I found..
    I managed it leave it undisturbed and wrapped him up in damp kitchen towel, but I don't have much hope to be honest. Not at how under developed it is.
    I can still see a ball of yolk the size of a marble.
    His 2 brothers/sisters of the same breed hatched over 24hrs ago


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