HELP!!! Fan went our of bator!!!!


12 Years
May 9, 2007
This is my first incubation and the fan just quit on the bator! The temp has went up to 101 over night, and the humidity has dropped to about 40. The eggs are due Friday.
Will they be ok long enough for me to run and get a new fan. The entire incubation the temp as been a steady 99.5 and humidity 55. I am to close to lose anything now!!
Please let me know what you think!!
You should be fine
A Still air bator runs hotter than a forced air bator .... so 101 is great
I'm running mine at 102. And as for the humidity... you should be just fine. I run mine at about 30 until hatch day
Take a deep breath
I would just maintain what you have going now... trying to install a new fan right now could throw everything off... in my opinion... I'm sure more folks will jump in here and give more ideas
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Thanks, I put some more water in it to hopefully bring the humidity up and I am going to go ahead and go get a new fan just in case. I may not put it in but I will have it if I need it. It is hard not to panic!!
I would say you will be ok without the fan. I have read a lot of people on hear to switch to their hatcher incubators that don't have fans during the last 3 days. It is ok if the temps in the still air are at 101. You could just add a little more water to up your humidity.
I agree. I have a still air and am running it between 101 & 102. My humidity is 35%-45%. I too would be worried about installing a new fan at this point. I dont know where it goes since I don't have one, but if you have to have the lid off to change it I would worrie about the temp and humidity going down too much.
Good Luck!
My fan went out of Top hatch and started lightly smoking and the temp dropped. I was wanting to see if it would hold temp after fan went out. It melted the plastic lid above the light and stained the tub yellow/brown. Luckily no fire; but may be a total loss of my incubator This is just a reference for others! If you keep temp and humidity close; I'd say you would be fine until replacing fan!

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