Help! Fast! Day 21 and light just blew in incubator.

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May 11, 2011
North Wilkesboro
Help! Today is day 21 and my light bulb in my homemade incubator just blew. What do I do? Take eggs out and switch the bulb as fast as possible? What to do with the eggs? Will it hurt them?
I would just try and move them and change bulbs as quick as possible. It shouldn't hurt them if you do it quickly.
I recently made an incubator. In case the light bulb went out, I was advised to cut a circle around the light so that it could be taken out. You could make something to temporarily fit in the area while you are changing the light bulb. Not only does this help me in changing light bulbs, but it also helps when I need the humidity and/or temperature to go down. I hope this helps!

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