Help! First Coop Plans Wanted (cheap, easy, small)

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  1. haon

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    Sep 5, 2014
    Hey all! I've looked around, but the coops I've seen tend to be pretty extravagant. I'm working on building my first coop and I am looking for a design that is cheap an easy-to-build.

    Budget: < $150
    Size: Big enough to house 6-8 layers. I have a fenced-in area that should work as a run (it'll keep the chickens in, but won't keep predators out).
    Climate: Avg Low in Coldest Month (23F); Avg high in hottest month (89); not much snow --
    Building Experience: Minimal
    Building Supplies: I have a bunch of old farm doors. But I'm not sure if/how to re-purpose them.
    Enthusiasm: High!

    Thanks guys!!

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