Help Flystrike?

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    Mar 19, 2007
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    One of my birds has fly strike around her bum. She is about 8 years old and has had a dirty bum for some time. The first time I cleaned her there were many maggots but I seemed to get rid of them all. I then bathed her again about three weeks later in disinfectant and the were no maggots. Her bum is the dirtiest I have seen it now and there are numerous flies around it and she is puckering her bum too. She doesn't look happy. Should I put her out of her misery?


  2. avroncotton

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    Mar 19, 2007
    Victoria Australia
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    I'm sorry. I wish i knew enough to help you out.
    Do you think that shes suffering? Do you think that the flies are inside of her? If the flies are inside of her i would put her down..but thats just me.. you think that she could be egg bound? or have a prolapsed vent?? Do a search those last 2 things i metioned...there is alot of info on them on this site...until someone can help you out...good luck!
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    This happened to one of my hens a couple months ago,luckily we caught it in time and there were no damage to the skin.This is what we done.Washed her bottom very good,get all the maggots off that you can.We then dipped her bottom in a permethrin solution,which didn't even seem to phase the nasty bugs.So then I trimmed her butt feathers, washed it with peroxide,which I read to only do this once,then I covered her butt with vaseoline.The next day they were dead.It is important to get the maggots off as quick as possible,if left on they will basically eat her alive.

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    May 15, 2009
    There is a product you can get at the feed store. It's called Worm Screw spray. You spray it on and the maggots fall right off. It somehow gets to all the maggots and kills them. Bath her gently, pat dry and spray according to directions. She will need more baths and more spray but it will get all of them eventually.

    Try to get the spray ASAP because the maggots can literaly eat her alive.

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