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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by mommy3, May 12, 2016.

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    Our town schools incubate and hatch eggs every year. We have done it ourselves several times and are chicken owners. I was given two chicks to try and help. Both are a couple days old. One is a leg horn. It can not walk and the only water it has had is from a dropper from me today. The little black one -not sure of the breed, is not walking either and is peeping non stop. The black one has only a pinhole for a vent-it had a sibling that died earlier today. Was thinking it was pasty butt so I soaked it and a little white stuff came out and when I was feeling around a little clear liquid came out. but only having a pinhole vent does not seem right to me! I am hoping to go get some save a chick or electrolyte stuff for them in a minute and hoping if they get some vitamins they can get stronger and pull through. Any other suggestions I would love.
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    For the one that can't walk, you might want to clarify to see if it can be helped. There's a lot of reasons a chick can't walk.

    As for the pinhole vent, culling might be best sooner than later. Hopefully I'm wrong and there's some weird breed of chicken that has this, and someone with more experience will chime in. Out of the thousands I've hatched, that would be a first.

    Good luck.

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