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  1. Cheryl

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    My son just went out to close in the girls for the evening, he came in and our silkie was missing. So out we go with flashlights, can't find her anywhere! I pull out the 12' step that leads to my porch, and about 8 feet in is my girl....look around and I can count 22 eggs!!!! Well, I guess I've figured out why she isn't putting out!!! But now what do I do, the kids want to pull up the decking!!! The dh says the only place chickens look smart is on the grill. So it is going down to about 35 tonight and she is on the cold ground, I just hope she makes the night, but I have no idea what to do about all those eggs!!! I figure if she survives the cold, she'll come out in the morning as long as a skunk doesn't get her tonight!
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  2. Cheryl

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    Not sure if this is a story or should be in the emergency section!!!
  3. gritsar

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    Has she been with a roo so that the eggs are fertile?
    I doubt your little silkie will be coming out anytime. She's broody. Are your kids small enough to go under there and retrieve her?
  4. Cheryl

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    She has been in the fenced in yard all day and everyday, but obviously goes under the deck to lay her eggs! Really it is an enclosed porch about 12" off the ground, so I don't see anyone crawling under, and it would be considered child abuse to send someone tiny enough to get under it and they would probably get stuck!!! We don't have a rooster, not allowed, I am in a residential neighborhood with good neighbors!
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  5. LilBizzy

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    If you are concerned for her safety. you might want to get a broom or a stick to guide her out if the kids can't reach her. Sounds like she won't come out on her own. I know once it's dark, mine will stay where they are, if they are outside.
  6. Cheryl

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    I couldn't reach her with a 6' bamboo pole, so it looks like she is spending the night...I am so worried about the temperature...though she is pretty wind free
  7. JennsPeeps

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    she'll probably be fine in the cold. They're pretty resilient.

    Once you can catch her & prevent her from going under there, find a way to get those eggs out of there. Come summer, you'll have 22 nasty little stink bombs if you don't.
  8. Cheryl

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    She came out first light this morning!! But yes I am worrying about those nasty little stink bombs...I know that one rotten egg can fill a very large room!
  9. spook

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    Well, I'll tell you, if you have skunks around...make your silkie stay inside, the skunk would love a tasty treat of eggs, also raccoons. I'd worry more about the coons getting her. But if you tossed some cat food, sardines under the deck, something will find the eggs or take a BB gun and pop the eggs so that they cannot become stink bombs.
    Then get something to close that area in tight, like chicken wire stapled the underneath of the deck and allow it to "roll" under so you cannot see it, but it will deter the neighbors cats, chickens and other "friends" from camping out over night.
  10. The Chicken Lady

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    If you can get the eggs and they aren't frozen by now, make a separate enclosure for her in your coop and let her go broody all she wants if you'd like a few more chickens. Silkies are egg-hatching machines. [​IMG]

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