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9 Years
Mar 1, 2010
Toms River NJ
Hi my name is Jaime and I am new to all of this. I live in NJ. I am interested in raising ducks so I have been reading everything I can. I think I decided on call ducks because of their small size.
I just ordered a Genesis HavoBater which should be here the end of the week. I found a local person who has fertalized call duck eggs. This will be my first time incubating eggs so I could use help.
The Havo Bater I bought has an automatic egg turner. Is this OK to use with call duck eggs? What humidity setting should I start out with? I only want 4 ducks to start so how many eggs should I incubate? Any other tips would be appreciated.



9 Years
Feb 21, 2010
Hi Jamie.Hope you have good luck with your call duck's.I personaly never hatched but 2 call's myself.I have been raising standard's for about 4 year's now.I had bought some call duck egg's from Ebay a couple season's ag:hmmf course I had the Sportsman 1502 Inc.Only 2 of the 6 egg's I bought were fertile and they both hatched.Even with the Sportsman After the first season of hatching standard's I would set my duck eggs on the lower racks due to having chicken egg's in too, and mist them lightly with warm water every couple day's during the first 14 days.With the fan especialy in hot summer months sometimes the ducks would get dried during hatch and had to help some out most good success I may say.I doubt you would have problems with call's since they are much smaller and I never had to do anything with the couple I did hatch.I'm sure there are lot's of people with tip's for hatching them.I have hatched literlay Hundred's of duck's each season myself but never had the joy of really having call's that laid to incubate.I had bought 6 adult call's last spring but had to sell entire poultry flock last fall before I got any egg's from the calls.Trying to rebuild now. Good Luck. DG

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