HELP Found DUck eggs Need all kinds of info THEIR HATCHIN!!!!PICS!!


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Jan 28, 2009
(south West) Virginia
I came home from work to 4 wild duck eggs in my incubator, A friend of the familys wife took them from her work. They had ran the mommy duck up, dont know all the details, anyhows they are now in my incubator. I candled them and they look to me to be about 5-8 days old. I've never incubated duck eggs and need to know what temps and humidity I should keep the bator also how long do duck eggs take to hatch??
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28 days on duck eggs,Same temp as chickens 99.5 and 65% til hatch then 75% three days before hatch...I think thats all OH! And turn them 3 times a day...
All of them are hatching.. 2 are already out and 1 is not far behind. I'm pretty sure their mallards..I'll get pic's and post later!! I'm so excited I've never raised ducks, except for some muscovys along time ago, and the momma did all the work!!
Pampered- you will love ducks. Their personalities continue to amaze me and their fondness of the same routine daily is something quite settling about their care. Can't wait to see the pics. (Can't wait to hear you compare their smell and mess to chicks - LOL)
I really think part of ducky smell is all that wet grain mess they love and need to make to be happy eating. That gets FUGLY quick at brooder temperatures.

But I think their little personalities far surpass the mess and smell. Sunny doesn't even begin to address their eager sweet endearing approach to being. Until you've had a two week old (fat little ducky toad) throttle full steam into your hands because he's just so happy to see you and can't stand to be apart from you, you haven't lived.

The only other peace and comfort like that is my lap turkeys, you are theirs in a way you rarely find in chickens.
Heres pic's of the ducks..


Dont forget that there is a fellow BYC'er with a pond when they get bigger...hint hint hint=)

Did anyone mention that they wont have oil for their featehrs for a while so a little water is okay but not too deep or they will get heavy and sink. *yuck*

have fun!

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