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Feb 7, 2009
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Ok, so it starts off so innocent. We get 4 hens and 1 roo given to us. They finally start laying and the eggs are just so good.

So we talk about it and decide (Hey, why don't we get a few more... maybe we can sell a few eggs to cover their food cost.) So, we start searching and find a local guy that sells eggs. This is good, no competition.
So, off we go to get some chicks, 20 in total. We get there and I go brain dead trying to pick some out since he has thousands to choose from. We came home with EE's and others. I have always wanted EE's or some that lay colored eggs, like my Aunt had when I was a kid.
We were sitting at the table and discussing how nice it would be to gather some of our grown chickens eggs and incubate them since they are such great little layers. (Old English Game) We had not done any research on them other than to find out what breed they were, this will come into play though. So, off hubby goes to get an incubator and turner.
He gets home and we set 20 eggs that we had been saving, this happened on Feb. 24.
On March 1st he calls me at work to inform me Gracie has gone broody!!!! OMG now what?? He calls his cousin and gets an emergency run on eggs since she only has a couple under her......we add more that same afternoon. She is now on about 15......we wanted to make it worth while. Not sure if she can hatch that many, but she is trying.
(Research time, now we find out game are great for going broody.) Well, hubby brought home more eggs and another bator his cousin had sitting around, cause he figures if we are gonna have some, we may as well really make it worth our while in the endevor. (These eggs are mutts and pure breeds but we have no clue as to what is what since eggs were all put together and not labeled.) Well off I go to the store to get another turner since neither of us has the time to turn all these eggs. We set the second bator on March 4th to full capacity, and the proceded to fill up the excess room in the first one. Ok, so now we have 97 eggs going in bators and under broody. I candled the first batch of eggs soI could toss bad ones yesterday.... well they all have babies in them.
I was some what shocked with this being our first time and all the posts I have read on here I was thinking I would have to throw out some. Nope all are developing nicely.

I will post pics once they start hatching. The first babies are due on St. Patrick's day, then 3 days later batch #2, then 3 days later batch #3. Ummm, the tangled web we weave. I have a feeling we are going to be very busy. But for now we are playing the waiting game

Anyone else due on or around the same time???
oh, wow... !!! I have some in my recently acquired Lyon turn-x bator, but I'm sure they're not all viable. One of my buff orpington girls decided to sit on 12 (then one of her sisters decided to help her out and add another deposit so she ended up incubating 13). There are (at this morning's count) 5 pretty fuzzy babies --2 buff orpington / buff orpington, and 3 RIR / buff orpington. OH, the cuteness!!

Bator ones should hatch around Friday; thinking I'll probably pop them under the buffy girl!
So, you put batch #1 and batch #2 in the first bator and then batch #3 in the second bator which filled it up? Hate to tell you this but you need a bator #3 to use as a hatcher

I tell ya, the insanity will never EVER end!!!
I have some due about then, and it is very bad lol I went from 5 to 12 to just under a 100 lol although many are chicks and 30 are meaties and roos headed to freezer camp and many are for sale lol They keep me very busy too, I am from waking up to bed time I am cleening and feeding and treating and the like. My friends think I am nuts and I am starting to think they are right. I just love them though, and do plan on slimming down to a healthy 35 and many of those are Bantams so thats like 1/2 a chicken so if you do the math MY way it equalls 21
I batch #1 in bator #1, batch #2 under hen, batch #3 is bator #2 and filled the rest of bator #1

Oh its so confusing
I hope to keep it all straight. I can tell the difference in the eggs in bator #1 cause the first set are white, the second are blue and green.

Needed to add that when first batch is on day 18, I am going to put other eggs in that bator in a carton for easy turning and to keep them from getting bumped around. Then when done with first hatch they will go back in turner so I don't have to do it.
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You can't keep batch #3 in the bator with batch #1 while they hatch. Batch #3 would become contaminated and you need to up the humidity at that point anyways. Plus, you can't open the bator after day 18 to turn them........I see a 3rd bator in your future!!!

Don't feel bad, I have few bators running right now for that very reason!

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