Help Gape Worm!

Tracy the chick

8 Years
Aug 28, 2011
2 chickens have died in the past month all of the same symptoms. My silkie cross was poorly yesterday with mouth wide open, crackling chest and the runs! i took her to the vets who said it was gape worm as i live on a farm with loads of wild pheasants. he gave me "Flubenvet" to treat them with which i started yesterday but the silkie cross who i call betty is now sneezing too so is this still gapeworm or is it something else? please Help as im new to keeping chickens, only had them for 12 weeks. I have hand reared 12 now and love them all so much.

Trying to post a pic on but carnt find anyway to get it on. Think i need 10 posts before it will allow me.
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