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    Hello All Chicken Lovers-
    So here's the deal- Right now, my chickens have a little coop in the corner of the yard. We have a pretty big back yard surrounded by a six foot privacy fence and the chickens have been allowed to free range every day. We recently fenced off our patio (about 20x20) for the dogs so that they could all be out- without incident- at the same time. We are still having problems however- one of the chickens recently jumped the patio fence and was caught with the dogs- no damage done besides a few feathers lost, but I am also thinking about putting in a garden in the spring and don't want my chickens destroying that.

    So.... I am wanting to build a run. I am thinking that it will be about 8 or 10 x 20ish. I know that sounds really big and far exceeds my flock size of 5. But I also want them to be comfy as I don't think they will get to free range any more. I am more wondering about construction. I have some uneven ground to deal with- a hilly back yard.

    One side can be the privacy fence, but not sure how to do the rest. I know there are several other posts about runs- but almost all of them are on nice flat land. Any ideas?

    Here is the coop as it is. This winter I wrapped the bottom in plastic on the north and east sides (the fence is to the west). Was thinking the run could go along the fence to the west or be actually put behind the fence - we own more land on the other side- and that could be accessed thru a little door thru the fence to the other side. That would have to be covered some tho to keep out snow. We get alot here!
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    Wow, going from the whole yard to a run full time?

    I have a short, 4' fence that separates the backyard from the driveway and i put bird netting across it. It allows them to jump up on the top of the fence, but not get over to the other side. And the bird netting sort of just blends. You can't really see it unless you're next to it.

    I also have multiple raised beds in my yard. I just surround the beds that i don't want them in with chicken wire and they stay out. I haven't had a problem. It's important to let the perennials get going first. Most of the annual vegetables are in a hoop house that the chickens can't get in, in the first place.
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    Here is what I was thinking- Let me know what you suggest????





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    This is good thinking/planning!

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