HELP, have SILKIES NOW, what to do? Need info on behavior etc.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by leasmom, Aug 17, 2008.

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    May 25, 2008
    I got some silkies and some silkie/cochin mixed birds last night from a lady who needed them gone, she had over 30. So we went and got 9 of them. 6 of them are a Cochin mom and her Silkie mixed babies that we have separated from the others. I then have one black silkie and some mixes and my lone production red since I gave away 9 roosters yesterday. This black silkie is loud, fortunately she/he sounds like a duck to me rather than a crow, but he/she is loud. They're used to being free range and cooped at night but I have them cooped, I have too. They're so little so the place I have is sufficient but this is all new to them. The mom and this black silkie are much louder than my P.R's were...but I have a question, should I keep the babies with their mom? Right now everyone is getting along where they are, should I keep it like that? Why do the silkies babies at a few weeks old still need their mom?-(I'm just asking because my P.R.'s were of course by themselves but she told me they stayed with their mom still), so can you give me info on their behavior, temperment etc. Thanks.
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    The loudness may die down, it could be from the move. Nervousness=noisiness. Yes keep the babies with the mama, she will teach them all they need to know and they will be "better chickens" for it. You may have some issues with cooping them up after they were used to free ranging. Generally you don't want to do that.
    Silkies in general are super tame, gental, quiet, and very personable. They are super broody and super good mamas. Our roo even helped sit on the eggs and was excited when the chicks hatched! He helped tend to them as much as much as mama! In our opinions, you can't get better chickens than Silkies!

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