Help! Hawk grabbed one and injured another..


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Oct 8, 2018
***sorry for the rambling...Im a newbie owner and this inccident just happened, I'm a bit panicked!!***
I have (had) 3 girls. Two 7 week old standards (not sure what breed yet) and a 5-6 week old japanese bantam. Today while out in the garden I had my girls in a bigger sized dog crate so they could be outside with me--we are finishiby their coop so they remain inside much of the day for now--- I turn around and not 10 yards away a hawk had ripped the little one out of the crate and then grabbed one of my larger ones (piper) by the head/beak to try to pull her out but she was too big and I scared the hawk so it let her go and flew away with the only the little one .

My piper is bleeding from her neck/inside beak (photo attached) and I was wondering if there was any advice on treatment? Or how to deal with a traumatized chicken. She was also very bonded with the one who was taken and is obviously upset/traumatized.
I tried my best to capture her injuries on camera but didn't want to hurt her further :/.... Some of the injuries dont show up too well in the photo.
Anyway. Any advice/input is much

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