help help help new chicks

If it was shipped, it is probably stressed. Make sure that the temperature is right and put out a paper towel with some feed on it. Mine will usually peck at the feed on the paper towel and forget about pecking at the other chicks.
from Ga. I don't know if it is normal or not but my rir's did this some when we 1st got them. I would just keep an eye on them and make sure that noone is bleeding or hurt. Good luck
thanks we just got them this morning at TSC. only wanted 3 but had to get 6, store policy. took her out for a while and just held her in my hand. after putting her back with the others she has seemed to have calmed down some. she still pecks at the little end wing feathers, sometime quite violently. shaking and pulling. we are going to watch for a while. if she gets worse, she will have to go. we are going to thin down to 3 when we can. going to find 3 of them goods homes. thanks again.

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