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    Oh my goodness :( my turkey hen was attacked by the other turkeys in the pen! I THINK! I have no idea really I just found her on her side this morning! its possible something got in the pen and stated it - but I am unsure....anyways I found a TOM ontop of her and I could not see what he was doing, I ran in there to save her!!!!

    What can I do to make her comfortable (from home NOT from a vet) I will take her to a vet if necessary - unless everyone here thinks antibiotics are necessary. I took a chicken to the vet and $250 dollars later to save one chicken . . . the vets here are great, BUT they sure charge alot. I really cannot go through that again here - I think she will be just fine - but she needs care right now. This is my first turkey injury. She is 8 months old and I just got her. I did not pay for if I had to I guess we could just put her down...but I really do not want to have to do that. I want to do what I can for her here at home, please be kind - please realize I care for my animals really well.

    - for pain? asprin? or what? how much? and when? or Tylenol? baby asprin?

    - wound washes? Saline solution ok? or just water?

    - bandage? probably not? just thought I would ask.

    - Pollysporin with antibiotics in it? or regular pollysporin? What do you think?

    - should I force feed her? force her water? or just offer it? pretty sure she is dehydrated.

    - bedding? Pine shavings? or are they too pointy, she has raw skin, I want her as comfortable as possible.


    She is in a pen alone now at my house being cared for. NO ORGANS are showing. She was not standing at all, but now she is standing. She is exhausted and weak. 2 toms have blood on their faces - I cannot tell if they are also injured OR if they are the culprits. I also removed my other hens from the pen....the boys are only together now.

    20190415_115833.jpg 20190415_115924.jpg 20190415_115926.jpg
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    The toms are most likely the culprits. Do not keep multiple toms in with a single hen or just a few hens during breeding season. It is a prescription for injured or dead hens.

    Clean the wound as best you can and cover it with Blu-Kote. Keep her separated from the toms and keep food and water available to her.

    Turkeys are tough and can recover from some pretty serious injuries with minimal or no help.

    Good luck.
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