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I have a 1 1/2 year old Australorp hen. This morning she seemed fine. I just went outside, and she can't take more than 4 or 5 steps without falling over. She is very alert and eating like crazy. They free range with goats, but my goats are totally used to chickens and could care less about them. I looked her over and she seems fine. No apparent injuries, eyes nice and bright, and like I said a good appetite. She wasn't like this this morning. They snuck into my regular yard today, so I thought maybe one of my dogs got her, but she had absolutely no signs of anything; no damaged feathers, blood or even doggie slobber on her! ( This is the same hen that cost me $200.00 at the vet in January because she had a kidney infection. I hate to admit this, but I'm just unable to spend that kind of money on her right now.) Any suggestions???? I'm worried she may have gotten into something, or my like luck, it's something neurological. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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my chicken lived from a dog attck
I'm not quite convinced that is what happened, though. She had absolutely no signs of anything on her. I am going to go check on her again in a bit. Hopefully there is an improvement.
i am not sure but i had the same problem. my hen just seemed to tumble over.
after alot of reading i belive it was lack of calcium.
i work with her for 6 days she layed eggs and ate like crazy but she just kept falling i had to make that hated decision
i hope your little hen gets better. keep me informed i hope it is some thing simple
Well I went out to check on her this evening and she seemed to be able to walk a little better.( wishful thinking?) However, she was the only one that had not gone inside the coop yet, to roost for the night. So I put her in the coop and she was able to get up onto the roost, a little wobbly though. In an attempt to reposition herself, she fell off. So I put her on the roost, in her normal spot, and hopefully she stays there. Guess we shall see. I hope she is ok, she is such a sweetheart, not to mention the queen of the pack!
What are the chances she got into a compost heap and ate something moldy or mildewy? Somewhere on here I read these symptoms with regard to hens eating moldy food. I can't recall the treatment... I'm sorry to not be more help. Have you done a search with regard to her symptoms?

No chance of a compost pile, that I am aware of. There is an old pile of wood that we are going to burn, but that is just wood, no compost. I don't remember even seeing the chickens around that anyway. I did Google her symptoms. Nothing about a hen falling over, but feeling fine otherwise. Thank you though.
Are you familiar with Range Paralysis? It would most likely affect one leg more than the other but there are different variations of the disease (Marek's) and it does attack the nerves. They can eat and drink happily except they can't walk. Typically one leg sticks out in front, but it's something to google.
Some birds do recover from it with basic home care. I doubt a vet could pinpoint that disease for sure unless you have a post-mortem autopsy. It's very very very common unless you bought vaccinated birds.

BTW- I grew up in Mulino and went to Molalla Union High School- greetings from Seattle!
Hi there!

Thank you for the info. I hope it isn't Marek's!! I will have to do some research and see what I can find. I bought these hens as adults, so I don't know if they were vaccinated or not. I did just purchase some chicks from MPC, but I bought them vaccinated. They aren't even out with the hens though.
Well Betty seems about the same today, if not a little better. She is ranging with the others, but she is still a little unstable at times. Earlier today, she was just sitting on the ground on her run, even though it was very windy and kind of rainy. Not a good sign, and not something she normally does. But now she is up and about. I was watching her quite a bit today. It seems her legs work fine, she just gets wobbely here and there. Any other ideas?I would totally take her to vet if I could. I am not one to "just let nature take its course" if there is something that can be done. This is killing me not to take her in.
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