HELP! Hen injured on back 6 days ago, not eating now


6 Years
May 19, 2015
Well, after a year of just reading helpful information as we built a coop, raised day old chicks, dealt with a surprise rooster and weathered a new england winter with our six lovely free-range hens - I am finally needed to post for HELP!! six days ago our flock was attacked by a fox in the middle of the day while they were free ranging in our front yard. - he killed 4 and injured 1 (1 managed to escape completely unscathed) before my husband chased him off. I am posting about the injured hen. She is a 1 yr old buff orpington. She has 2 punctures on her back - clearly where he clamped down. They were not bleeding though (seemed like he partially "skinned"her alive - because there is a flap of skin and feathers but no bleeding...) and we applied several coats of bluKote. She was also laying down - not wanting to hold herself up - and when she does she perches forward with her neck. The first few days I was able to get yogurt and water into her, then a scrambled egg -and the past few days she has been eating (from my hand only) lots of sunflower seeds and raisins. Starting last night she flat out refused to eat anything .She will still drink water though. EVERYTIME she does eat or drink, I hear the strangest gurgling noises where I think her stomach is? (like a person's stomach growling). Today she also had several large, bright green, seedy poops. Undigested sunflower seeds? I have not given her any antibiotic and am wondering if I should give her some at this point? Should I start forcing yogurt into her like I have seen in some other posts? After the first 2 days she did not want anything to do with the yogurt -but would happily take a raisin or sunflower seed. Did I push her too fast? Could something be wrong with her stomach also? She was perkier the last few days too - moving and walking around more. REALLY hoping someone can help me - I am at a loss for what to do next and was thinking we were over the worst of it??!!!
Thanks for all the wonderful wisdom I have already learned so much from over the past year - really hoping for some that will help me with Miss Delia. I really do NOT want to spend $$ to take her to a vet - especially since we are already spending $$$ to purchase an electric fence so they can "free-range" and be protected - and planning to get more chickens
Hi :welcome

I'm so sorry to hear about your fox attack and injured hen, this is a truly awfull experience to have to go through :hugs The fox could have caused her internal injuries that you will not see. I have to say the growling would personally point me in that direction. Also the punctures wounds could be infected and especially now as the attack was 6 days ago this would have had time to set in and develop. If you do have some antibiotics I think I would start her on them. I'm not sure what you have or what dosage to give so please do post in the emergencies section. Here is the link ~
I'm sure other members there will be able to advise you best and give you more help on getting Miss Delia well again soon.

Wishing you the very best of luck with her and keeping the fox away from your flock. It will certainly return as it now knows there is food available. I lost mine to a fox and it returned for more, fortunately my other half was on fox watch and managed to shoot it. They sure are very clever.

Thank you for your reply - and for steering me in the direction of the right place for my post!! I have given her a dose of penicillin (followed dosing recommendations I found on BYC). The strange thing is that when I went to get her a little while ago (too soon for the antibiotics to have started working - I threw some treat scratch in the run to distract the healthy chicken - and Miss Delia came out and ate a few bits off the minute I think she is close to dying and the next minute I think she is on the mend.
Thanks for your thoughts!!!!
That is a good sign - when the spirit is willing they recover despite the odds. I would too, think the puncture wounds were infected since didn't bleed from them. Fox are very good jumpers - so hope your electrified fence will keep him out. Are you allowed to trap or shoot them?
Welcome to BYC!

I'm sorry for your loss and hope your bird is on the mend.

It's nice to have you join us.
Thanks to all for the welcomes and for the advice. Miss Delia seems a bit brighter today and is eating a bit on her own!
I would put some antibacterial on her and watch closely to make sure it doesn't get infected, especially since their mouths contain so much bacteria. He definitely needs to get lots of protein. When our birds het sick we offer will soak the crumbles in milk for a while till it is squishy. We then warm it slightly and force feed them through a syringe.

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