Help.. Hen is Dying ?

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Sep 21, 2008
Mill Valley CA
I have posted a couple of times, now I believe she is dying... while I was giving her droppers of water and sick hen mash, she started ? convulsing... one foot out straight, another clenched tight... head way back, beak skyward.... wings fluttering, neck feathers shaking... Now she is on her side in the straw in her pen in the living room, same behavior...... help

I hope she is gone when I get up from this computer... thinking I should put her in the car exhaust to put her out of her misery...... ?????

So sad....
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I'm sorry for you and your hen. If you think it necessary, I believe there is a post on here on how to humanly euthanize a chicken.
I'm praying for you.
I'm assuming you have lost this hen, and if so, I am very sorry. Do you have any reason to suspect Marek's disease? I urge you to go a little research here to determine if this might have been the cause. Another thing that leaps to mind is poisoning...
If the hen passes or put her out of her misery, I hope you consider sending to the Health & Food Safety lab in Turlock. The diagnosis is free, only cost to you is shipping.

If she passes and you decide to send her, do not freeze the bird. Double bag and refrigerate. I recommend you ship overnight FedEx, using use the Ca Health & Food Safety account at a discounted rate and the state will bill you for the shipping cost. I think it is a good way to protect your remaining flock. If I had done this or known about this with my first loss, I might have been able to save 12 hens.

I can walk you through the process. Email me direct and I will give you my phone number.
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