Help- hen is lethargic and not eating

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    Jan 20, 2016
    Hey everyone I have a question. I'm new to raising chickens. And I noticed 3 days ago one of my girls acting a lil off. She's lethargic, I haven't seen her scratch or dig, I have seen her eat a lil bit thev1st day and haven't seen her eat since. I gave them some garlic and ACV just a lil bit 2 days ago. Then my husband and I noticed her feeling bad, so we inspected the coop we found 1 stool with what we thought to be a few worms. So we cleaned it. I'm reading that raw garlic in their water with help deworm them. Will this help? It has been getting quite cold lately and we haven't heated the coop, could she be getting a cold? Any advice is welcomed I also have not seen her drink. Could it be something else? She also keeps picking stuff off her feet, and looking under her at her breasts.
  2. Garlic wont worm your your Birds.......I have never wormed my Chickens.....Others on this site will respond as to what to use and the dosage.....

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