HELP!!!!!Hen with bleeding ripped comb

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  1. cackleberries

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    Dec 14, 2008
    my hens have been establishing a new pecking order with some younger birds for about 2 weeks now and one of them has nearly tore the comb off, bleeding bad.... wont quit.... what can I do to help her I put her in a separate pin NoW WHAT? what can I clean it with?
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  2. AngelzFyre

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    You can use diluted betadine solution to clean the wound off first, make it so that it looks like weak tea solution. If you don't have the stiptic powder to stop it from bleeding use either cornstarch or flour to do it by packing it on the wound. One of the buff roos I used to have had a piece that was almost off and I had to remove it with sterilized scissors and do the same thing. After it was clotting with the corn starch, I put Blu-Kote on it and it did great. Just be careful with the Blu-Kote, it stains everything and doesn't come off -has to wear off. He had a purple comb for quite awhile! Keep an eye out for swollen areas or any drainage in case you may need an antibiotic ointment or antibiotics for her. Good luck!

    PS If you do have to remove the piece that's almost torn off, it didn't seem to hurt my roo at all so I don't think they feel it so much in that area as they would if it was somewhere else. Whatever you do, don't put anything with a pain relief or deadener in benzocaine or lidocaine.

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