HELP!! Hens fight after 5 years friend


6 Years
Apr 9, 2013
Hello everyone, I hope all of you have been fine.

I keep two hens as pets. Actually one is the mother and the other her chick. They have been together ever since (5 years) not a day apart. A few months ago the oldest and more pet I should say, got sick. Since she was raised by me from a week old, and the other was raised by a chicken mom, they are a bit different. The youngest is still cuddly and all, but is more chicken behaved, she never lived indoors like her mom, etc.

I had to take the mom with me to treat her daily (in an apartment since where they live the person in charge had an accident and couldn’t move) we visited every weekend. It was fine. After missing one visit, 14 days passed and they went from inseparable (when I used split them to take mom indoors, they used to make a drama and I had to place them back together, or take both in, to bed to watch tv) now they fight. It is terrible.

At first moment the younger (the daughter) went in to eat, the mother was there, she was fine, but the mom attacked her, and then she responded, she hurt all the mother’s face, ears, etc. very badly. She’s a good fighter, really hurts. I hoped they would stop, never did. Tried a few more times, nothing. When I hold them in my arms they are fine. I mean they know each other. The last time when it seemed they were calmed in an open space, the younger came and she started, not aggresive, but the mom is the one that jumps very violent and then the other responses. Also, she is not healthy enough for those things, I keep her quiet since the vet said she gets too stressed and her breathing is not so good. She improved lots, now that she is better, can’t go home for the fighting..

I tried them sleeping together, no matter, they woke up and started fighting again..

I don’t know what to do, she needs to go home eventually, where someone will feed them and look after them all day long, when I can’t because I work, etc.

This is so sad :(

Thank yoy if you can help me at all!
Can you post some photos of your hens and tell us what breed they are?

Sometimes when separated, chickens that got along very well before, just will not tolerate each other when you put them back together.

For the time being, you will need to make separate housing for one. This may be an inconvenience, but if they simply will not settle down, then that would be the best solution at this time.
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Your hens have come to an agreement to disagree. Nothing will change between them until one or the other hen backs down or picks up her skirts and runs from the other.
Chickens have acted like this for 100s of 1,000s if not millions of years so it is unlikely that they will abandon their instinct now and become bosom buddies again.

At the least chickens hate weakness in a flock member and they will quickly exploit any weakness that they see or even perceive.

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