Help! Hens won't lay in new coop


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Apr 16, 2015
We just built our chickens a new coop, in the same spot as their old coop, and they refuse to lay in the nesting boxes. They'll either try to go find some remote spot outside to lay, or will just drop one off the roosting bar! I know there can be an adjustment period before they'll decide to start laying in the boxes, but any suggestions on how to speed up the process and make them more comfortable in their new spot?
We've had similar periods of adjustment when we've moved our ladies or made modifications to the coop (in fact, we are in the middle of such an adjustment period). We have tried putting wooden eggs in the nesting box to encourage them to lay in the box. As well as, making some of their other favorite laying spots inaccessible to them. Maybe there are other ideas that I haven't thought of that others will suggest. Good luck!
Are the nests easily accessible....both getting up to check them out and getting down safely?
Have you tried fake eggs?
How long has it been?
Yes, we built the nesting boxes exactly the same size, shape and location as they were in the old coop. It's been 3 days.
3 days isn't long, sometimes they really don't like change....just give them some more time, they will adjust eventually.
We've had to be patient for a couple of weeks sometimes. I have one GSL who is a smarty and will adjust quickly. Once she starts laying in the right spot the others slowly follow her example. Yesterday we had all of our eggs in the nesting box but one. Yay, for progress! It's been just shy of two weeks since we made some changes to the coop.

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