HELP: homemade incubator


6 Years
Mar 30, 2013
i made a homemade incubator...not like the ones shown online, with the styrofoam box whatever. i used big plastic box ( those for putting clothes whatever) and put a lamp inside. I've got this nest thing with corny sandy whatever thang inside( grain cob whatever...those inside a chicken farm), and i put the eggs inside the nesty nest. i put the water and sponge too. and half-closed the lid of the plastic book so there's air. er, i put the whole 'incubator' into the bathroom... there's a window in the bathroom that faces indoors( i live on a apartment, and the window faces the inner part of othere apartment windows...i hope i've explained myself). i don't know if there's enough air then... the window is usually half-opened. i don't know anything about stiil air or force air incubators...i don't have a fan...or anything like that. it is not the proffesional incubator taught online... but in theory it should work: the humidity seems fine and the temperature is very correct. there is ( hopefully) enough air too. in theory it can hatch...right? or no? please help. this is for a science project... i'm in 6th grade. my mom decided not to help me, and i don't have any group mates. my allowance is also pretty match used up for going to a faraway chicken farm and getting some rare fertile eggs ( i live in a city,,,and my city is around other very city-like cities)...

We hatched eggs like that when I was in school,we used an aquarium,added a small bowl of water to provide humidity. Don't worry about air long as you have venta of some kind,such as partialy open lid,convection will move air. it is important to have a room with stable temperature. better to be in a room without windows.

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