Help!! How Long??


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Jun 14, 2008
West Central Wisconsin
I just received 15 RIW eggs that I won on BYC egg bid, I also have 12 Buckeye eggs that i won on BYC shipped yesterday, hopefully here Saturday or Monday, they were just collected Tuesday. I also have 24 Ameracauna eggs coming from My Pet Chicken being shipped Saturday to be here monday. the eggs from My Pet Chicken were to have been shipped so they would of been here on Friday, but unable to get them until Saturday for guaranteed arrival on Monday, I know that I need to let the eggs rest for 24 hours, so depending on when RIW where collected, am I okay as far as a Late monday or early Tuesday morning Bator hatch:fl:idunno, also I put the RIW in my basement to wait, is that the right place for them, or should I put them somewhere else. My last hatch was 9 out of 14 eggs collected over 6 days, not sure if all were fertile, they were my own eggs, did not cost me anything , but these are a little more costly:caf


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Aug 3, 2009
10 days is the farthest out they will still be viable(according to all I have read).
I would set them AS SOON as you can-Monday night if at all possible.
Good luck to you!
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