Help! I found a hidden cluch of eggs!


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Dec 21, 2010
Now what!!!

I am not at all prepared to hatch eggs. As I bought 12 pullets and ended up with 2 roosters out of that bunch. I am now at 8 hens and 2 roosters from the 12 I bought as chicks in Sept of 2010.

I didn't think I was going to have a broody either. Then today, after I went to the feed store and bought 14 chicks, I came home and let my older birds out. They are kept in their coop until about 1-2 PM each day then let out to free range. This is also when I feed them.
I have been collecting eggs from them for about a month now. Today "Chicken Little" as I call her because she is the smallest of my hens went in and sat on the eggs as I was taking photos of them. She was pecking around at the straw and wiggling around. I thought at first she was just going to lay and go but she sat there and I sat across the coop from her. I think she is a Dom. She is Black and white barred anyway. I Can't tell a Dom and a PBR apart yet. Soon after one of the RIR came in and nudged her until she left the nest.

Now I am wondering if I should leave the eggs and not collect them. I'm going to go back out and mark them with a Sharpie. I would be tickled pink if they hatched out their own eggs. I need to do some reading though. I don't fully understand the process of making a clutch and when they start to sit and not leave the nest.

Add to that, the first week of laying we got 1 green egg in the "communal" nest. Very excited I collected it along with the others. We have been eating the eggs but I noticed some have little blood spots and white areas on the yolk. I'm assuming they are fertile. I had not seen another green egg since. So I figured it was a fluke or that hen wasn't laying any more. As I was leaving the coop today I looked under an old cabinet and there are TONS of Green eggs! (The coop is a converted shed / work shop). I can't get to them to mark them or collect them sneaky hen! I'm wondering if there are not Guinea eggs under there too because they are the same age and I have yet to see anything but brown and now green chicken eggs.

I guess my question would be should I leave the green eggs and see if she hatches them? I have not seen anyone sitting on them and I dono which hen is laying them. They all flood the door when I open it in the afternoon to let them out so for my safety I stay out of their way LOL. Next coop I will build as a coop and the door will swing in not out! I am learning MANY lessons with my first flock!
If you didn't find a hen sitting on those hidden eggs, I seriously doubt you will get anyone to hatch 'em.

So, I would gather those, put them through the float test (sinkers are good, floaters are bad), toss the bad ones, use the good ones, and just remember to look in those places from now on.

Or you could lock the hens in the coop for a few days to make sure they start using the nest boxes.

Unless a hen stays on the nest (instead of roosting) for two consecutive nights, she ain't broody. If she ain't broody, she's not gonna set on those eggs.

Better luck next time.
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We are going to remove the cabinet this weekend and make a better nesting set up. I might get a broader and see if I can incubate any. Should I still float test them if I am going to incubate them?

Guess my homework for tonight is the hatching part of my chicken books that I glossed over because I wasn't planning on having a rooster LOL
Thank you that clears it up then They all have large single combs. She is a PBR
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