Help. I need some advice on hen!

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    Alright. So I like 4 roosters, and 20 hens. But since they run free together some of the younger roosters are spaz's. So many of my hens have little poofy or barer backs. They are slowly getting put away into breeding pens as I build them. And some of the roosters are going bye bye. But there is one hen who looks differently. The last few days, her tail is gone except maybe one or two feathers. Her back is bare, and she looks really scruffy. I figured she was molting. But now she is acting sluggish and just laying in the nest boxes all day not eating or drinking, and not laying. I'm worried now. Perhaps it's a mix of roosters and molting? I'm keeping her with my broody mama in a coop for a while to keep roosters away. But I just don't know what to do. I'm probably over reacting. But I would really like some other people comments.

    Note: My chickens are happy and healthy. Free range, 16% layer, corn, and scraps for food. It's not a diet problem.

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    She is probably all of the roosters' favorite. Roos don't spread it around evenly. They often like some better than others.
  3. I don't think you're overreacting, poor girl needs a break. If possible, you may wish to reevaluate the number of roosters before returring her, or let her stay with the other hen so long as things are calm.
  4. I would too seclude her and baby her for a while, even if you put her in a dog kennel or something. Could she be brooding?

    Poor thing


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