HELP! I think my girl is egg bound...

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  1. one hot chick

    one hot chick Hatching

    Sep 7, 2016
    Possibly a cracked egg. She wouldn't eat from my hand this morning. Later she made the clucking, egg laying sound, but when I went in, she was in the box, but no egg. I just went in again & checked the nesting boxes & there was still no egg. She was up on the perch, with fluid dripping out of her. What do I do? I'm a new mama & have only a slight clue.

  2. polish hen

    polish hen In the Brooder

    Aug 29, 2016
    She may have had a weak thin shelled or a soft shelled (rubber egg) burst inside her vent and this can become life threatening if an infection starts brewing...keep an eye on her and if she starts acting sick like acting lathargic, going off her feed then the best thing to do is get to a vet for some strong antibiotics, try upping her calcium intake too buy giving crushed tums once daily and buy some oyster shell to give your flock to boost calcium levels, sometimes this is something actually going wrong inside the hen like early singhs of an internal layer or the birds she'll gland may be malfunctioning and not be capable of forming a hard shell anymore, this can be the result of a previous resperatory disease like infectious bronchitis

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