HELP!!! I think My Hova Bator stopped turning eggs.....


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May 19, 2011
I set my eggs 2 days ago, 8 of them, in a hovabator 2362. I am pretty sure they have not moved from the right position all day. Yesterday it was fine. Both plugs are plugged in, Anyone know how often the egg trays turn? What should I do now???
You mean just leave them in the trays and turn them until lockdown when I put them on the wire?
Not to worry, make sure the egg rails are all at 90 degrees, all straight, and none of them are still tilted. Close the incubator, and pick up one side of the incubator, and put a brick underneath it. Then 4-6 hours later take the brick out, pick up the other side, and put the brick underneath that side. I would get an egg turner motor, specifically for Hovabator egg turners, and replace the motor after these eggs hatch.

By the way. On the 18th day, take out the turner, and place all of the eggs (fat-end up) inside of paper egg cartons, and place in the incubator.
That method should work or you can take them out of the turner and put then on their sides to hand turn. The above method sounds like less work though.
Good Luck.

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