HELP...I will try posting this here

you said that several weeks ago you had another bird that had similar symptoms? The original "sick" bird is it doing well now?
No, he died with in a day or two. They were with chickens and ducks. We the original one got sick, the turkeys got a new home. I do have then next to 38 freedom rangers. he is not eating but drinking.
I was thinking turkey pox.. Although all the pox cases I've seen the bird's head and neck and sometimes feet have "small" wartlike sores that scab over and fall off....I'm not a professional but I would medicate the water with oxytetracycline for all the turkeys...If it is pox there is nothing really you can do anyway...It will run its course and the birds will be fine in 2-3 weeks, that would be the dry pox....Conversely the wet pox can kill some of the birds but again I don't know of anything you can do except treat them for any other infections that may arise....Pox will affect all your turkeys eventually, unless you vacinated them at the first signs of trouble weeks ago....But it sometimes doesn't appear in all the birds at the same time...It can disapear then reappear later in other birds...Does it show any signs of resiratory distress? Did the first bird that died show any signs of respiratory stress before it died?
I have them on DURAMYCIN 10.
If I can remember right it might have ( original one ). Maybe a runny nose?
The dark lesions are getting more crusty looking and look like they are ozing. I think thats why the feathers near the back of the neck are wet.

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