Help! I'd love to know what you think these 2 day olds are? Both breed and sex?


5 Years
Jan 29, 2014
Hi all, these are 2 chicks which hatched a couple of days ago. They were from randomly chosen fertilised eggs (not from my own hens) so I don't know the breed and hoping to have some initial thoughts on sex.

I'm thinking the brown is female and black male at the moment but I'm no expert!

Here they are-


x2, to young. Need to wait at least 6 weeks to even start guessing with any accuracy. Especially if they are likely crossbreds.

What breeds hens and roosters do you have?

If you have barred hens but not barred roosters, the black chick with the white head spot is a sex link male. If you've got a barred male, that's the father but the chick can't be sexed by color (not a sex link).

Any other defining features in your potential parents, such as feathered legs, rose combs, etc?

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