HELP! Ideas for keeping ducklings from soaking the brooder from water dish! And a couple duckling qu


8 Years
Apr 22, 2015
Reinholds, PA
Tomorrow I am getting 5 blue swedish ducklings in the mail-my first time with any mailing so this is a new experience. Their coming from Ideal Poultry.
My problem is, in the past with ducklings, I could NOT figure out a way to keep them from soaking all the shavings in their brooder CONSTANTLY from splashing in their water! I need ideas! Please!
Also, a couple other questions is someone can answer for me. Should I put some Apple cider vinegar in their water? To get them going from their trip. And Should I give them oatmeal this young-they will only be 3 days old. This is a stupid question after already having had ducklings, just not this young, but do you need to check for pasty butt in ducks? I didn't before and maybe that's why I lost one in the last batch of 3 ducklings we got at the local tractor supply.
Thanks so much!
What I use...
The water containers above will work great.

Yes check for pasty butt. I lost all mine in my first mail order from pasty butt.

You should give them electrolytes as well as probiotics/ACV. And make sure that their water is around 95° F when you give it to them for the first time. Make sure to dip their beaks in the water when you take them out of the box.

I would only give them their feed and niacin for the first week.

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