Help Identify my 'stray' chicken? :)

Elven Dreams

10 Years
Feb 20, 2009
North Carolina
I have a post over in Flock Management but wanted to toss this over here for more input.

This chicken is a stray that has been hanging around and giving me eggs
so she's definitely a keeper since my others haven't started laying yet. I was able to catch her and introduce her to the flock but I would really like to know what she is!
She's not a bantam size.. gives a smallish off white egg every day around noon!


Thanks for any input!
Thanks everybody!

Someone pointed me to a pic of an Old English Game hen and Im prtty sure that is what she is. The head is unmistakable now! lol

She has been around the flock for about two weeks but just got caught an put in the coop with them Monday night.

She had been going in the coop during the day to lay an egg while everyone else were in their tractors.

Thanks for all the input!

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