Help identify ointment - hen with a wound


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Nov 9, 2007
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One of my cornish X rescues has a deep cut in her leg. I suspect the rooster did it trying to mount.

My DH said he recalls an ointment from long ago - looked like banana pudding, came in a silver jar, was VERY carcinogenic to humans (you have to wear gloves when applying). Does this ring a bell with anyone?

I've washed the wound best I can and have her isolated.

Would like to try this ointment, but the co-op is closed now until Monday.

Also, would it help to give her some tetracycline in her water until I can get something else? I have a dose of penicillin, but it's at least a year old.
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Feb 21, 2008
Nitrofurazone ointment. I believe you could use Neosporin until you can get the co-op. Can't remember what Tetracycline is good for in chickens (am thinking more for respiratory issues than injuries?) but I'm sure someone else will pipe in...Good luck!

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One of my 4Hers just had a BR hen attacked by a dog, with a deep laceration near her vent. I had them clean it out twice a day with dilute betadine, neosporin, and tetracycline in her water. We are a week and a half out, and she is doing great.

Oh, and yes, the ointment is nitrofurazone. Another ointment that is AWESOME is silver sulfadiazine. It isn't "supposed" to have any type of pain killers in it, but I can tell you from using it on myself that it is a pain reliever as well. It's OTC, but you'll probably have to get it from your vet, or order it online.
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I just use neosporin on wounds and I've had great results. I've never heard of the ointment your DH mentioned.

I had a hen laid open from the top of her head to her shoulders, you could see nothing but muscle and bone. I cleaned it with saline (boil qt of water, add 1/4 tsp salt, cool to room temp) and applied neosporin. I chose not to give antibiotics unless it got infected (it didn't) and I didn't give any pain reliever (she acted fine without it.) I isolated her and within a day she had her appetite back. The wound gradually closed, skin and feathers grew back except for a tiny bald spot on the back of her head.

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